In this article we will show you how to get to Capri.

How to get to Capri? The island can be reached by sea: ferries and hydrofoils leave from Naples and Sorrento. In summer there are also runs from Positano, Amalfi, Salerno and Ischia.
Only residents can board cars or motorcycles, except for the period from November to April, where nonresidents can also board cars and motorcycles, but since there is only one roadway and public transportation is well functioning, it is not recommended.
For those with large budgets, it is also possible to get to Capri by helicopter.

How to get to Capri from Naples

There are two ports in Naples from which ships depart for Capri: Molo Beverello and Calata di Massa. Molo Beverello is in front of the Maschio Angioino in Piazza Municipio, Calata di Massa on the other hand is further east.

Hydrofoils depart from Molo Beverello, fast ships and ferries from Calata di Massa. Fast ships and ferries are slower and cheaper than hydrofoils and are the only ones that can take motor vehicles.

How long is the Naples-Capri crossing

By hydrofoil: 40 minutes; by ferry: 80 minutes; by Fast Ship: 50 minutes

How to get to Capri from Sorrento

Hydrofoils and ferries to Capri also depart from the port of Marina Piccola in Sorrento.
The journey takes about 25 minutes. From the center of Sorrento there are several buses to the port, and from the municipal villa there is a paid elevator that connects to the port. In any case, you can easily get there on foot by following the stairs from Tasso Square.

Port of Sorrento

How to get to Capri from the Amalfi Coast

From April to the end of October there are direct connections between Capri and the Amalfi Coast. Hydrofoils to Capri depart from Positano, Amalfi and Salerno, and during July and August there are also runs from Maiori.

And once on the island?

Once you arrive in Capri, you can take advantage of the luggage transport service located on the pier. It costs from 5.00 to 12.00 euros per suitcase, depending on the hotel location.

To reach the Piazzetta you can take the funicular railway or one of the convertible cabs.