The island of Procida in the Gulf of Naples: what to see in Procida?

If you are looking for quiet and authenticity, the island of Procida is the solution for you. Belonging to the islands of the Gulf of Naples along with the larger Ischia and Capri, the island of Procida constitutes the most intimate and genuine “sister” of the three.

With its succession of colorful little houses reflected in the blue sea that surrounds it and its slow pace, Procida will present itself to your eyes as a little paradise. Not surprisingly, it inspired works such as Elsa Morante’s L’Isola di Arturo and served as the backdrop for films such as Il postino starring Troisi.

Despite its small size, there are numerous places to discover and be enchanted by on the island. Below we give you a few suggestions for making the most of the main wonders Procida offers its visitors.

The 5 things to see in Procida

Discover 5 must-see attractions in Procida!

Procida, wonderful island in the Gulf of Naples.


Marina Grande is Procida’s main port, where all boats arriving from Ischia and the mainland dock. It is the first impact you have of the island, which, with its pastel hues, will captivate you even before you dock at the harbor. In Marina Grande you will find the EAV bus station, as well as cab and minibus stations. From here the island’s bustling center opens up, with small cafes, restaurants, stores, and local craft stores.


Perched about 90 meters above the sea is the ancient medieval citadel of Terra Murata. The walk to get there is uphill and a bit strenuous, but it is a must if you are visiting Procida. From here you can admire a splendid view of the entire Gulf of Naples and the enchanting Corricella beach. The walls surrounding it were built as a defense against attack by sea, and later gave rise to the name that came from it. At the top of the village stands the Palazzo D’Avalos, built in the 16th century by the family of the same name, which later became the Royal Palace and was later used as a prison until 1988. The Abbey of St. Michael Archangel, Procida’s patron saint, is also located within the village and is worth a visit.

Procida – Glimpse of Palazzo D’Avalos from the panoramic terrace of Via Borgo


Marina Corricella is Procida’s oldest fishing village, whose picturesque colorful little houses, set on top of each other and dominated by the Sanctuary of S. Maria delle Grazie, have made it the island’s icon in the world. Strolling through the narrow streets of the seventeenth-century harbor will allow you to savor the true essence of the seaside village, including fishermen’s nets, small restaurants offering traditional dishes, and its distinctive architecture. Undoubtedly, the most evocative and romantic place on Procida, easily recognizable in many scenes from Il Postino with Troisi. Corricella can be reached by sea, or on foot via steps, including the scenic one located below the Callìa lookout, with views of the sea, the island of Capri and the promontory of Terra Murata.

Pretty fishing village, colorful houses and fishing nets, Marina Corricella Island of Procida, Gulf of Naples, Italy.


Procida’s true tourist center, Marina di Chiaiolella, with its small harbor and long Ciraccio beach, is one of the island’s most popular destinations for stays and vacations. You will discover there a succession of small restaurants, bars, pizzerias, and bathing establishments, where you can take a seat, to appreciate the exquisite local gastronomy and enjoy a splendid sunset over Ischia and Vivara.

A curiosity: the village of Chiaiolella stands on an ancient extinct volcanic crater.

Chiaiolella and its pastel-colored houses


The Islet of Vivara is what remains of a circular volcanic crater, formerly connected to Procida by a cliff, and currently by a small bridge. Wild and unspoiled, and completely uninhabited, it has recently become usable again, for limited groups and according to precise provisions that can be consulted on the Procida municipality website.

Islet of Vivara, Procida