Who among you does not dream of spending a day, or at least a romantic evening, in Positano?

Want to know what to do, what to see in Positano?

Let’s start by clarifying that Positano, although rich in history and culture, has no major monumental sites to see, so you can visit it in a single day, or even in one morning or afternoon.

You just have to be prepared to walk a lot, and down narrow streets and stairs. Be prepared with very comfortable shoes. And if you are in a car or scooter also to pay very expensive parking fees!

Here’s what to see in Positano!

Young tourist admiring Positano from Italy’s most famous beach.

Via Pasitea, the center of Positano.

After the breathtaking spectacle of the panoramic view from above, arriving at the pearl of the Amalfi Coast, you descend toward the center, along Via Pasitea: a succession of small terraces overlooking the sea, where you can stop and enjoy a coffee and the excellent local pastries. Then again little stores and boutiques offering the comfortable and colorful summer clothes of the famous “Moda Positano”, the custom-made sandals and the colorful ceramics, another product of the Coast’s handicrafts. The street then turns into narrow alleys and steps to the sea, surely the most characteristic corner.

Street with a wonderful pergola covered with bougainvillea on a picturesque street in Positano.

The seaside village, the Spiaggia Grande and the marina.

It is the true heart of Positano. The beach, famous seashore restaurants, more colorful boutiques. You can enjoy all this with a short and very quiet walk looking up at the famous outline of the perched cottages and ahead of you the sea of Positano and the luxurious yachts stopping offshore. Or bathing in the sea at the Great Beach. Finally, the docking pier from which you can depart either by regular transport to Amalfi or Capri, or rent a boat for a sea tour.

Spiaggia Grande, Positano

The Church of St. Mary of the Assumption.

As you leave the quaint little alleys you will find yourself on a wide, panoramic square, now near the sea, where the Cathedral of Santa Maria dell’Assunta towers. A historic church, at one time art of an ancient monastery, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Notable is the icon of Our Lady, of Byzantine origin, and its Dome, the unmistakable point of all tourist photos and paintings by famous or amateur painters.

Church of Santa Maria dell’Assunta, Positano.

Fornillo Beach and the Saracen Towers.

You can reach it on foot from Mulino Square, right in the center, or by boat from the Great Beach . It boasts the Green Flag (suitable for families) and the Blue Flag. Sandy and pebbly beach, both equipped and free. Famous for its clear waters and the Mediterranean scrub vegetation behind it.

Fornillo Beach and Saracen Tower

But what to do in Positano?

Taking a boat ride.

If you want to experience a unique thrill, you cannot deprive yourself of the joy of plying the blue waters in front of Positano. You have a wide range of choices, ranging from sharing it with other fellow passengers, at very modest prices, or taking it all to yourself for a romantic ride, or even forgoing the skipper and making use of your boating skills, if you are authorized to do so. With the boat you have the opportunity to discover the beautiful coves that can only be reached by sea!

Having their portraits taken by local street artists.

It is one of the nicest aspects of Positano. Artists, even very good ones, dedicated to portraying evocative landscapes and views of the Amalfi Coast, and who will offer you a souvenir portrait … at modest prices!

Positano local artist painting

Having a romantic dinner.

Impossible you’re not thinking about it: a candlelight dinner, in the incomparable setting of Positano, a table all to yourself and the accompanying people, with a unique view and the specialties of Campania and Amalfi cuisine.

Positano by night

You can’t help but end an unforgettable day this way!