Summer is approaching and with it the opportunity to experience an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Cilento and the Sorrento-Amalfitan Coast with Summer INPSieme 2024.

Project Earth’s Blue Nature Camps offer a unique experience for children, teens and young adults eager to explore nature in a sustainable tourism context.

Project Earth’s Blue Nature Camps: exploring Nature in Cilento and the Sorrento-Amalfi Coast

Project Earth’s Blue Nature Camps are ideal for young explorers, offering a wide range of outdoor activities and immersions in the marine world. Through courses in marine biology and snorkeling, participants will have the opportunity to discover the rich biodiversity of the Cilento National Park and the protected waters of Punta Campanella.

Unique experiences for children, teens and young adults

From children to teenagers, each age group will have its own tailor-made adventure. Younger guests will enjoy outdoor games and hands-on snorkeling lessons, while teens will have the opportunity to explore the waters of Punta Campanella and Marina del Cantone through kayaking and hiking excursions.

Guided by experts in nature

Dr. Cinzia Cesarano, an experienced marine biologist, will be the contact person for Blue Nature Camps, ensuring a safe and engaging environment for all participants. With the technical support of Expert Travel Team, all tourist activities will be organized professionally and reliably.

Summer INPSieme 2024: an unmissable opportunity to experience nature in a sustainable way