Gianluigi Palomba, professional photographer

Gianluigi Palomba is a photographer, content creator and drone pilot with over seven years of experience in the industry.

Specializing in landscape photography and drone video, Gianluigi has gained a large following on social media, where he shares his adventures through breathtaking images from all corners of the world.
His talents have received prestigious recognition, including a publication in National Geographic and honorable mentions in major photography competitions such as ND Awards, SLPOTY and ColorPro Awards. A member of DJI’s content creator program, Gianluigi has proven to be a true enthusiast and expert in his field.

After studying photography in Scotland, Gianluigi spent years exploring castles and enchanted landscapes, falling more and more in love with photography and nature. His mission is to share the beauty of the places he visits, inspiring others to discover new cultures and landscapes through his extraordinary shots.
In addition to his work, Gianluigi is passionate about trekking, exploring remote trails and unspoiled places in search of the perfect image.

His appetite for adventure and desire to capture the magic of nature constantly drive him to new destinations, turning each excursion into an opportunity to share the beauty of the Earth through his expert eyes and unique perspective.

6 Unmissable Places to Photograph Between Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi

Regina Giovanna in Sorrento: an oasis of peace and beauty

Queen Joan, Gianluigi Palomba

Punta Campanella: Where the Gulf of Naples meets the Gulf of Salerno and Capri provides the backdrop

Punta Campanella, Gianluigi Palomba

Monte Faito: from the top of the Sorrento Peninsula

Monte Faito, Gianluigi Palomba

Mount San Costanzo: between the Gulf of Salerno and the Gulf of Naples

Mount San Costanzo, Gianluigi Palomba

Path of the Gods: the most beautiful place in the World

View from the Path of the Gods, Gianluigi Palomba

Positano: The Icon of the Amalfi Coast

Positano, Gianluigi Palomba