The flavors of Nerano: the best restaurants not to be missed

Expert Travel Team’s Viewpoint

If you are wondering where to eat in Nerano this article is just for you!

There is an important premise to be made: in Nerano (and Marina del Cantone) you can eat well just about anywhere! It would be difficult to point out one restaurant where one eats better than another.

We have tried them all, and what we can say is that each restaurant can be attributed a different experience.

For example, if you love starred cuisine, you can’t miss Quattro Passi or La Taverna del Capitano; if you want to spend a romantic evening right by the sea, Mary’s Da Luigi Restaurant or l’Africano are the ones for you; if still, however, want to have a good time during the lunch break of your day at the beach, you can opt for Cantuccio; for lunch or dinner with friends, surely Lo Scoglio and Maria Grazia are best; finally, if you like a good pizza on the beach, you can opt for Ristorante Pizzeria Baia Nerano.

For an exclusive experience:

  • Four Steps Restaurant
  • La Taverna del Capitano Restaurant
  • Mary’s Da Luigi Restaurant

For a genuine experience:

  • Lo Scoglio Restaurant
  • Da Maria Grazia Restaurant
  • Il Cantuccio Restaurant
  • L’Africano Restaurant

For good pizza:

  • Baia Nerano Pizzeria Restaurant

Quattro Passi Restaurant, Nerano

  • 3 Michelin Stars in 2024
  • Multi-sensory experience
  • Excellent reception and service
  • Lovely location

Nestled among the wonders of the Sorrento Peninsula and the vivid colors of Nerano Bay, stands a restaurant that embodies all the beauty of this location. Here, thedining experience becomes a journey that combines local flavors, the craftsmanship of ingredients, and the ongoing pursuit of aesthetic perfection. The Four Steps is not just a place to eat, but a haven for lovers of good food, where form, content and imagination come together in an all-around experience.

Led by the Mellino family, every detail is attended to with heart, mind and imagination, offering guests an unforgettable journey through creative flair, warm hospitality and timeless elegance.

La Taverna del Capitano Restaurant, Marina del Cantone

  • 1 Michelin Star in 2024
  • Exclusive location
  • History and tradition
  • Warm hospitality

The beginning of the history of Taverna del Capitano dates back to Alfonso Caputo, who, as the owner of the town’s only delicatessen in the early 1900s, invested all his earnings in projects aimed at the development of the town, including a new oil mill, a wood-burning oven, and the electrical grid.

He firmly believed in the tourism potential of the bay and the beach, so much so that he transformed an old building with an attached Carthusian monastery from the 1200s into a guesthouse with a restaurant, employing his children.

Mary’s Da Luigi Restaurant, Marina del Cantone

  • Romantic atmosphere
  • Authentic cuisine
  • Bar and meeting point
  • Great location

Mary’s da Luigi Restaurant in Marina del Cantone offers a dining experience with great food and a good wine selection. Founded in the 1970s by Luigi and Mary, the family tradition continues with son Luigi Jr. Fresh seafood specialties are served with elegance, and the intimate atmosphere, overlooking the sea, is perfect for a romantic evening.

Lo Scoglio Restaurant, Marina del Cantone

  • Authentic atmosphere
  • Suggestive location
  • Typical cuisine and seasonality of products
  • Excellent quality

Founded back in 1958 by the De Simone family, the famous restaurant Lo Scoglio da Tommaso enjoys an international reputation. Management has now passed to the third generation, which continues to offer the excellence of local cuisine. Here, the quality, simplicity and authenticity of the products are the distinctive signature. This is why some dishes and daily specials are only available in certain seasons, ensuring freshness and authenticity in every bite.

Da Maria Grazia Restaurant, Marina del Cantone

  • Inventors of Spaghetto alla Nerano
  • Typical cuisine and seasonality of products
  • Courtesy and hospitality
  • Excellent quality

Maria Grazia restaurant in Nerano, in addition to being known as the inventor of Spaghetto alla Nerano, has A history that goes all the way back to the Middle Ages, during the era of the Maritime Republics, when Marina del Cantone beach was a port for sailors and a temptation for pirates, attracted by the riches of the area. Founded in 1901, the restaurant is named after its founder, Maria Grazia, mother of the renowned Rosa and grandmother of Lello and Andrea, who are still active and tireless in the kitchen today. At that time, Nerano was a small village populated mainly by fishermen, who took breaks under the Chapel overlooking the beach, right where the restaurant now stands.

Il Cantuccio Restaurant, Marina del Cantone

  • Suggestive location
  • Typical cuisine and seasonality of products
  • Guaranteed fun
  • Excellent quality

At Il Cantuccio Restaurant, the excellent quality of dishes combines with fun to create an unforgettable dining experience. Here, one is won over not only by the delicious flavors of the dishes, but also by the lively and welcoming atmosphere that pervades the restaurant. Each meal becomes an opportunity to relax and enjoy fellowship while delighting in specialties prepared with fresh, carefully selected ingredients.

L’Africano Restaurant, Marina del Cantone

  • Bathing establishment
  • Excellent quality
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Genuine flavors

Eating divinely in a bathhouse? Certainly from the African it is possible! Their cuisine is typical traditional, with ingredients that are always fresh and with really low prices. It presents itself as an excellent choice for those who want to spend a day at the beach in Marina Del Cantone and have lunch there. Perfect location also for those who want to spend a romantic dinner by the sea.

Baia Pizzeria Restaurant, Nerano

  • Pizzeria in Nerano
  • Possibility of take-away
  • Excellent quality
  • Low prices

Ristorante Pizzeria Baia Nerano is a great solution for those who want to enjoy real pizza in Marina del Cantone and spend an unforgettable evening by the sea. Offers a wide variety of pizzas prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients, baked in a wood-fired oven to ensure authentic flavor and perfect texture. In addition to pizza, the menu also features traditional local dishes with genuine and irresistible flavors. The cozy and informal atmosphere of the restaurant makes it the ideal place to spend pleasant moments in the company of friends and family, immersed in the beauty of the bay and beach of Nerano.